Sandblasting and shot-peening machines with pressure system

High productivity and constant finishes over time

The Lampugnani sandblasting and shot-peening machines have a working efficiency up to 5/6 times higher than the suction system.
The granules and the compressed air inside the pressure tank are projected directly and at high speed onto the piece to be treated, through the sandblasting/shot-peening lance.
Through the pressure regulator and the air/sand mixer it is possible to adjust both the firing power and the quantity of abrasive, to obtain an optimal result.

The used grit is recalled from the cabinet through the hopper located under the work surface and sent to the cyclone which separates processing waste and dust.
The still-suitable granules are reintroduced into the circuit, while the exhausted powders are filtered with appropriate filtration systems with certified cartridges, combined with the machine.

Main characteristics

  • High productivity
  • Finishes constant over time
  • Interior of the cabinet coated with high resistant polyurethane
  • Dust control cabinet

Rotating table + cyclone



Medium and large sandblasting and shot-peening machines with rotating table for the treatment of bulky pieces and large productions.

Extractable rotating table + cyclone



Medium and large sandblasting and shot-peening machines with rotating table and extractable trolley on rails to facilitate the loading and unloading pieces, suitable for the treatment of heavy parts and/or complex shapes



Ergonomics & Operator Comfort

Lampugnani Sabbiatrici stands out for its continuous research and development of innovative technical solutions, not only dedicated for the surface finishing and quality construction, but also aimed to offer solutions that are dedicated to the needs and care of the operator/user of the sandblasting/shot-peening machine.
The simple maintenance of each component for speed and safety, allows an harmonious use of the cabin in a lasting and continuous way.

Padded gloves

"LAMPO-COMFORT" Neoprene anti-fatigue gloves offered the maximum comfort and support during use of the sandblasting / shot-peening machine.

Gun support

Adjustable gun support permits to handle the parts to be treated under the sandblasting and / or shot-peening jet without holding the gun in hand.

Self-locking pedal

Pedal with step-by-step valve with interlocking function, in order to activate and maintain the sandblasting / shot-peening jet. This allows to operator to assume the correct posture without having to constantly remain with the foot on the pedal.

Filter cartridge replacement

The filter can be changed externally from the filter chamber for easy and safe maintenance for the operator.

Glass replacement

Quick change of internal protective glass with closing knobs positioned on the counter-frame with gaskets.

Gloves replacement

Replacement of gloves outside from the sandblasting / shot-peening chamber to avoid direct contact by the operator with the working area.


Discover the right solution for your work

To get the best results you need to use appropriate quality products. Lampugnani suggests a range of abrasives and non-abrasives products for sandblasting and shot peening treatments. Always in stock and ready for delivery, a full range products in different sizes, tested and guaranteed to be used on the entire range of Lampugnani Sandblasting Machines.

Shot peening products

Glass microbeads

Fields of application

Mechanical, Molds, Aeronautical, Deburring, Decoration, Surface Cleaning

Ceramic microbeads

Fields of application

Dental Technique, Medical, Food, Shot-peening

Metal grit

Fields of application

Foundries, Removal, Roughness

Main products for sandblasting

Brown-red corundum

Fields of application

Finishing, Restoration, Engraving, Surface roughness

White corundum

Fields of application

Finishes on Glass, Wood Restoration, Decoration, Medical, Dental Technique

Plastic granules

Fields of application

Molds, Surface Cleaning, Roughness


For your sandblasting machine only original spare parts "Lampoblast "