Prepare surfaces with an optimal finishing
to improve the adhesion of coatings


What is sandblasting?

By sandblasting treatment we mean that mechanical procedure with which the most superficial part of a material is removed through abrasion due to a jet of sand and air.

Sandblasting treatment is mainly used to eliminate residues of oxides, varnishes, calcifications or galvanic coatings from metal or plastic objects, with an abrasive material (grit) of irregular and angular shape, for the preparation of the surface for subsequent processing.

The obtained roughness after treatments depends on the size of the grit used and the pressure of the air jet.

The main sandblasting treatments

Paint removing

Remove the surface coatings to bring the material back to its original state


Change the surface structure to increase the fluid-dynamics


Eliminate oxides, deposits, rust or residues from mechanical processes


Prepare surfaces for painting processes, gluing or galvanizing applications


Main products for sandblasting

Brown-red corundum

The brown-red corundum is an extremely sharp and quick deferred abrasive in removing and rendering the surfaces rough.


Available grain sizes

All the granulometries from 20 to 220 µm

White corundum

Aluminum dioxide ideal for the medical and food industry, it is an extremely abrasive, sharp and does not contain iron particles.


Available grain sizes

All the MESH granulometries from 20 to 220 µm

Plastic granules

Ideal for deburring thermo-plastic materials, it can be used in various applications and sectors


Available grain sizes

20/30 - 30/40 - 40/60


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