Give a uniform and quality aesthetic finish and increase the mechanical resistance to stress


What is shot peening?

By shot-peening treatment we mean the mechanical procedure which consists in the superficial hammering performed in cold conditions by blast of compressed air mixed with spherical pellets.

The shot-peening exerts a surface compression without erosion of the surface and is mainly used to improve the mechanical characteristics, increasing the resistance to stresses of the treated piece.

The final effect of shot-peening resembles a satin finish due to the reduction of reflected light thanks to the generation of superficial micro-cavities.

The main shot-peening treatments

Surface finishing

Obtaining homogeneous and constant finishes over time


Remove burrs as a result of machining processes

Stress resistance

Increase the life cycle of mechanical components subjected to stress

Additive Manufacturing

Finish the surfaces of objects created with rapid 3D prototyping


Shot peening products

Glass microbeads

Glass microbeads are widely used for surface shot-blasting of various mechanical parts and can be used with all venturi systems.


Available grain sizes

All the granulometries from 1 to 800 µm

Ceramic microbeads

Ceramic microspheres are used mainly in the medical and food sectors and are optimal for guaranteeing shot peening over time and can be used both with venturi systems and pressure systems.


Available grain sizes

All the granulometries from 63 to 600 µm

Metal grit

Steel microspheres are normally used with pressure firing systems, thanks to their hardness they are extremely durable and can guarantee effective and repeatable peening operations.


Available grain sizes

All the granulometries from 120 to 3335 µm


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